Fun sighting

Just back at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge I picked up my first lot of guests last night as they arrived by Cessna at the runway.  On our drive back to the lodge, I saw a snake move off the road.  I didn't break in time and so reversed back.  I asked my guests if they minded seeing snakes - I have learned that some people just hate even seeing a snake.  No, they were fine with it.  So I looked back to the spot where the snake had moved away.

I had seen that it was a Namib Sand Snake, and really didn't believe that I had much chance of finding it again.  But it is always worth trying.  One could at least have a look at the tracks.

But, to my surprise, there was a small snake there.  As I got alongside the snake, I could see that it wasn't moving much.  It was alive.  And there was some blood on it's neck.  Did I drive over it?  No.  It didn't look driven over and was still alive, but not well.  I caught it with ease and we had a look.

The snake was a Dwarf Beaked Snake, a special small constrictor found in this area.  It had been bitten and perhaps strangled by the other snake, that, had we not interrupted, would have eaten this little one.

It was a rather nice sighting for the start of a stint working on NamibRand again.
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