The 10 Most Favorite Frantic Naturalist Blog Posts

My main blog is now my company blog at

I've posted over 50 blog posts there now, and will be publishing frequently in the coming months.  But because this blog still gets lots of visitors and has lots of subscribers, I thought I'd share some of what I've been doing over there with you guys. 

I'd strongly encourage you to visit that blog and perhaps to

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rather than this blog.  I post basically the same kind of thing. 

Below I'll cover my top 10 posts on the other blog, and let you know what they're about. 

  1. Travel Chat SA on Twitter

    This post was one of my first and not that interesting.  I try, when time allows, to join the #TravelChatSA chat on Twitter each Wednesday at 19:00 South African time. 

    BTY, you can follow me on Twitter at @Namibnat

  2. How To Blow Up An Orange

    This post was really just a fun one that I posted recently.  It's about enjoying experiences in Namibia, with the example of climbing the dunes well away from the Sossusvlei madness. 

  3. Namib Sand Sea

    This post is about the Namib Sand Sea, the vast expanse of dunes in southern Namibia.  In 2013 it became a world heritage site and it is where Sossusvlei is found. 

  4. My Five Favorite Places To Visit In Namibia

    I love traveling Namibia.  It's my job and it's something I've done for many years now.  This post just chats about some of my favourite spots.&bnsp;

    The tours page on my website will give you some help if you want to know how to plan a tour to Namibia

  5. Snakes Of The Namib

    I love reptiles and the Namib has some really cool snakes.  This post just lists a few of them.  I'm sure I'll chat about some of them in more depth some time in the future. 

  6. How High Are The Sossusvlei Dunes

    I did this post just for fun and as a reference.  Because people claim that Namibia has the highest dunes in the world, I thought it would be nice to explain exactly why that's a tough thing to say. 

  7. Namib - Understanding Deserts And Aridity

    I love the Namib Desert and thought I'd explain a little bit of what deserts are all about. 

  8. Winter Wetland Count In Walvis Bay

    I love taking part in bird counts when I have the time.  This year I managed to do both the summer and winter bird counts in Walvis Bay.  In this post I talk about the winter count that I did. 

  9. The Problems Desert Organisms Face

    This post was an introduction to the concept of desert adaptation, with a focus on the Namib desert in Namibia. 

  10. Your First Game Drive

    This post was aimed at people planning to do a self-drive tour to Namibia.  I wrote it as a guide to self-driving a game drive.  Not only is this aimed at tourists who rent vehicles in Namibia, but also to the many people who tour Namibia from Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

    I hoped not only to help give some ideas, but also to point out some best practices for game drives as well. 

The popularity of each post was just taken from pageviews on Google Analytics for my website. 

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Conservation Nominee - Viktoria Keding 2014

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Northern Namibia Birding Tour July 2014

We have a birding tour on offer for July 2014 with the focus on seeing many of the specials that Northern Namibia has to offer.

If this kind of tour sounds appealing to you, here is the link

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If you're a follower of this blog, and disapointed by my lack of blogging here recently, perhaps you might enjoy following my blog on my company website, Wishing you all a wonderful 2014.
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