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Short Bio: My name is Vernon Swanepoel. Born, urban jungle (Johannesburg) grew up mostly in Kenya, finished high school there and then studied in South Africa. I did some stuff (wasted parents money) for a couple years, then got into Nature Conservation at Saasveld in George, South Africa. Loved it. Studied three years. Then moved to Namibia. First guided on the road, camping and stuff like that. Fun, fun, fun. But, somehow, I also learned a lot. Then it slowly got more serious. I started to fiddle with management (of the tours,) did day trips in Swakopmund, worked with photo shoot set-ups in the bush, stuff like that. Then, in December 2000 I moved to Sossusvlei Desert Lodge as head guide (head ranger) and lodge resident naturalist. I knew nothing. But I learned and learned. Got married, produced noisy short people who have invaded and taken over my life (children - love them to bits.) Mostly stayed in the desert for about 7 years. Was on TV in South Africa in Feb 2006...my 15.75757 minutes of fame. Moved to Swakopmund where I stayed for a year. Started my own company, though I haven't put to much effort into that. I do tours as a freelance guide. I watch birds, catch lizards and small snakes to look at them. I take pictures. Perhaps not that great, but did learn a lot about photography. After starting to work on my website (Note, it needs some serious updating,) I got hooked. I learned HTML, CSS, a little Python, Javascript and PHP. I moved to Windhoek. Really enjoy it, and currently working on improving my Javascript, Ajax and PHP. I started doing websites on the side and my biggest project to date has been www.birdwatching.com.na I blog with a passion. I am starting my own content managment system, to build my own blog at www.sandcurves.com, but I have been to busy in recent months to work on it. Hope to finish it off soon. Just bought our first dog...a promise to my boys.

I love nature, especially birding. I am a lister (birding wise) but love birding for it's own sake when I am not in an area likely to turn up rarities.

I love the Internet and the learning resource it provides. I love Twitter. I follow lots of people. I'm on Facebook, but only friend my flesh and blood friends.

You could say I Twitter and I Twitch. I guess I should have started a blog called Twitter&Twitch?

I love keeping fit. I am passionate about gardening, but just getting going with my garden in Windhoek. I am a passionate parent.
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