Tomorrow is the start of 2010 and I will begin my quest to see as many of Namibia's birds within the year as I can.  I look forward to that.  But I also plan to do many other things, and that is the subject of this post.

I always enjoy thinking back over the year and working on my plans for the next.  So, 2009 highlights...trip to Etosha with astronomers in April to try and record an occultation of Pluto was by far the most interesting thing I did this year.  I enjoyed meeting up with an old friend (Shem Compion) and doing a tour for him.  I spent time at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.  And I spent a lot of time learning.  Most significantly, I have learned PHP (okay), JavaScript (quiet good) and Python (really well and hoping to do more work on that.)

My goals, then, for 2010...learn Python through and through, start getting a little beyond the basics of C, get into birding more than ever, workout more, do interesting tours, get my PPL (and somehow scrounge the money together to do that) and a bunch of more personal stuff.  Each year I sit and write out my goals and key success factors for the year, and I find it a fun, reflective process.  I can look back at years worth of goals and realize that I have come a long way and done interesting things.

I plan to blog more at this year rather than here. There I will talk about nature and tours, but also computers/linux/programming and also fitness and stuff like that. Basically anything that interests me. I don't expect many readers, it's primarily for me. This blog will still be here, and I may add stuff from time to time.

Have a wonderful 2010!
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Reporter online said...

great blog! ... good intentions for 2010, enjoy the wonderful world of animal and informatics, jejee.

all the best for you!
greetings from BARCELONA!