Coastal Day Tours - Safari Wise

Safari Wise Brochure 
This post is simply an announcement that Safari Wise have brought out their brochure for their day tours at Namibia's central coastal region.  I will be doing most of these day trips, with a big focus on the coastal birding, for them.
These pictures are of the brochure which they have printed.  These are simply screen shots.  You can also view the pdf version of the day tour brochures.
 If you plan to be in Namibia some time in the near future, please don't hesitate to get hold of me or Safari Wise for one of these trips.
I will be posting more detail about each of the trips on my website some time in the future, once I have a feel for how they run.  I am sure that Safari Wise will do so themselves as well, in a more professional fashion manner than I can do.

 Safari Wise Brochure - second page
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