Cape Cross Tour

Today I did my first day tour for Safari Wise. After handing out brochures over the weekend and on Monday, we were excited to get our first booking for a day tour.

It's always fun to start something new, and I am sure that as time goes on it will change and develop, but for a first day everything went well and I believe the guests enjoyed the trip.

The most exciting sighting of the day was a Namaqua Chameleon on the main road between Swakopmund and Henties Bay. These huge Chameleons live in the desert, and area one doesn't normally associate with Chameleons. I moved it off the road to the bushes...a good deed for the day.

I certainly hope that the day tours carry on coming in. I am looking forward to doing my first birding tours. That is what we specialize in.
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Ailurophile said...

All the best with your tours! You've got a great job! I saw your other blog too about random safari stories and it's as fascinating as this one. Keep up the good work :)