Bird Ring

I mentioned that I had found a dead bird with a ring on it's leg. Today I found out where it was ringed.

The bird, whose metal ring was a SAFRING ring, was ringed on the 27th of April on Possession Island, off the Namibian coast. Did you know that there was also a Plumpudding Island off Namibia's coast? Well it has nothing to do with Possession, but it must have given the guys who did the naming something to smile about.

The birds was obviously a young bird, and didn't make it's first year. It was probably a Jackal that got hold of it (by it's state, and I could see from the tracks when I found the dead bird.

If you don't know what a Swift Tern is, I found some pics here and here.

There was a white stork reported today at the Salt works. It's not an unusual bird in Namibia, but doesn't show up at the coast much, and it seems there are now records of it ever at the Salt works. I went to have a look, but no luck. I went at mid-day when I was going to pick up my boys from school, so the light was bad. I might try later again.

I still haven't seen the gull that I saw earlier with the dark head. I would really like to find it again. It certainly could be something special.
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