Kuiseb River Foods

It is with interest that I heard that the Kuiseb river has flooded.

The Kuiseb River flows south of Walvis Bay and cuts off the Namib Sand Sea (the huge dune field) from moving further north. This river is very important for the water supply in the towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, as they drill into the river bed for water. So ironically, when the river floods we have water problems.

The kuisebs flooding is of interest to me for various reasons. First, if you live in dry places, it's just cool when a river flows.

Secondly, it is going to have an impact on the urgency with which the plans for a desalination plant get pushed. I am concerned that proper EIA evaluations get cut short. I am all for desalination, as it is probably the only sustainable way for us to get water at the central coastal area in Namibia.

Lastly, I am perhaps most interested because I hope to be taking people to the Kuiseb river on tour this year, and it's just going to mean more birds and more wildlife in the river.

Read about it in the Namibian
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