Authentic Travel Site

I have been doing a lot of surfing on the internet lately, with the goal of trying to find companies that have a special focus on nature. There are thousands, and it's a really fun process to try to unearth these companies.

But in the process you find lots of other interesting things. Some I bookmark, some I write to, but one website really struck me as something worth sharing.

A company called Tourdust have a focus on authentic travel. The idea is to have travel experiences where the locals take you in and your experience gives you a real sense of the place - rather than the tourist veneer. Their website give travelers the opertunity to share experiences and to let people know about local people all around the world who are interested in taking visitors out in their area and giving them this kind of authentic experience. The best place to read to understand what they are doing is to read their website's about page.
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