Photographs from my most recent tour

Having just finished my tour and starting out taking photos, they are not to great yet. I am playing with settings, experimenting with raw, mostly using manual setting on my Canon 400D. Mostly having fun creating images.

Here is a selection of what I got.

I tried to take pictures at the waterhole with little success. I was using high iso settings and trying various things. The pictures largely came out like this.

Then I switched to black and white, and I really felt like it improved the images a lot...

My only lens at the moment is my Canon's 18-55mm so I am very limited with animal photography. Therefor elephants feature high (not only big, but they also let you get a little closer without running off...of course, don't get to close to elephants yourself, be careful)

You can see, even rhinos, quiet close, are still to small for me. Don't worry, I just need to save a while and we will get a bigger lens. Then the wildlife aspect will improve...perhaps even birds!

Anyway, I did get some good shots that I liked

Over the next ten days I will be at Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge doing astronomy for them on a voluntary basis. It should be a good opportunity to work on getting some nice pics of that area, as the astronomy takes place only at night (of course) and so I have the days free!
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Misty Rain said...

Looks like an amazing time! I never get bored of seeing Elephants and Rhinos in the wild!

mr-mojo-risin said...

I would love to see the Namibian landscape and the animals with my own eyes. Your pics a re a great appetizer for the real thing!