Sesriem/Sossusvlei scenery
I have recently bought myself a Canon 400D in order to get cracking at photography. I don't have any great stuff yet, just a tripod and the box standard 18-55mm lens that it comes with. But I am enjoying playing around and wading my way through tutorials and experimenting while on tour. So, slowly but surely you can expect to see more photos on my blog and web site.

I will, of course, be focusing on nature photography. I don't have a long lens yet, that will have to come later.

A good photographic book at Amazon:

Namibia Booklet (Booklets)
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Tabib said...


Great Pictures!
I'm using the same camera for more than one year now. Great enrty level dSLR. Thinking of getting the new 50D soon! :-)
Thanks for visiting my site.

birdy said...

Nice shot!
Informative blog, particularly for me. Pictures will add to the beauty of your blog. Hoping we will see great stuff here.

Avril Brand said...

I will be looking forward to seeing some great photo's!!!

Anonymous said...

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