Over the last couple of days there have really been some good birds around. We know that all the grass this year on the reserve would start to increase the number of birds by millions. Now the raptors are following them in.

Yesterday I had my second sighting in the year of Black Harrier. This is a very special bird almost anywhere, and especially here on NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Today I watched as two falcons were attacking another. At first it was hard to ID them, but as they came closer, it was clear that it was a single Lanner Falcon being attacked by two Red-necked Falcons. All of which are exciting to see on the reserve.
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Meiring Borcherds said...

Hi Vern, boy nice sightings you are having wish I was there...
Keep up the great work on the Blog so we can dream of been in Africa on this side.