Three new giraffes arive on Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Giraffes arrive at NamibRand Nature Reserve
Giraffe on NamibRand Nature Reserve in their holding pen
I have just received an email letting us know that we have just had three new giraffes brought into the reserve.

We had three giraffes introduced in 2003. They had two babies in 2006. Giraffe would have always occurred in small numbers in areas with trees. These areas are found in small pockets in hilly areas in the eastern part of the Namib, where runoff lines create lines of trees. The successful re-introduction of the giraffe to the area is another part of the success of one of the most important private conservation areas in this country.
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Trycycle Shoppe said...

Love the Giraffe Picture and the new look! ;o)

Evan J said...

Giraffes are amazing animals, I don't get to see too many here in Minnesota though.

Great story!