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Note: This is outdated. We are now running Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris as a full tour company in Namibia.

Our company, Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris, is up and running.  We are only doing bookings at the moment, but will later start to do tours and other interesting things.

I have created two new websites and will be blogging there.  As a result, at least for the time being, I will no longer post anything here.

My new websites is:

See Namibia

See Namibia is a website that I am putting up as much information about Namibia as I can.  The main aim is to put up a lot of nature related information.  I have two main threads, a blog [you can subscribe here ] and a topics section [ to which you can also subscribe ].  Have a look and send me feedback if you like.  We take tour bookings for self-drive and fly around trips through the website.  I may clean up and re-publish some of the old favorites from this site there.  I don't want to make See Namibia 'all business' and hope that some of my interest and personality comes through.  You don't start a company called Frantic Naturalist if you don't plan to have a little fun?


Sandcurves is a purely personal blog where I will jabber about things like programming and birding, raising kids, working out and any old stuff.  It might be rather boring.  I'm not to worried about feedback, but if you want to have a chat or get to know me a little better, that's the place.  You can subscribe there too if you like.

Random African Bush Stories

African Bush Stories will keep going as it does now... when I find any interesting story, I'll put it up.  Please, please, if you have any adventures in the African bush that needs to be told, I'm very keen for guest posts on that site.  You can get a link back, or, if you happen to be in Windhoek, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.  Write to me at  You can, of course, also subscribe to African Bush Stories.


You can follow me on Twitter - @Namibnat.  I tweet as much about my kids and the weather as I do interesting thing, but hey, sometimes I think there are gems in there.

You are all super cool people for reading and subscribing to this blog (at the time of posting this, the blog has 42 subscribers...for a blog called "frantic naturalist" that's good going.)  I've got some work from it, so that's great.  I learned a lot.  I had fun.  It is really thanks to the links and recommendations.

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