Big Year plans

Note:  I didn't end up sticking to the big year mentioned below.  This year I've finally gotten to do one, and writing about it at One of my favorite books is 'Big Year' by Mark Obmascik.  It just captures the excitement of birding so nicely.  I don't want to get into the discussion to much about competitive birding.  My simple argument - we are encouraged to be competitive in sport, business and in many other fields.  Do it in a nature related field and suddenly it is wrong?

Anyway, I am planning a Namibian big year for 2010.  The challenge - see as many of Namibia's birds in the calendar year 2010 as what I can.  I don't plan to do strange trips all over the place, perhaps one or two.  Nor do I plan to spend a lot of money on it...but I may.  I'll see how it takes me.  I do plan to have fun doing it and hope to crank up my birding knowledge which really needs some work.

The good far as competitive birding goes, is that I don't know of anyone who has done a big year before in Namibia.  It may well be that someone has done it?  My main purpose is to re-invent birding for myself.  Well, I will keep you posted when I get started.
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Andy said...

I'm reading Dan Koeppel's "To See Every Bird on Earth", which is even more extreme!

Vernon said...

I'll have to get a copy! Don't plan on doing that any time soon. Thanks for the comment.

holiday in bhutan said...

nice post! keep posting

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Vernon You should set up a seperate blog as I do for my bird sightings. So that we can keep up with you!!!

Namib Naturalist said...

Okay, I'll set it up and post here to let you know. I have seen Cape Sparrow and Laughing Dove :) I'll do a whole post on the plans. I have followers now, and they want me to do a blog for all of them. We'll have a meeting and get going in earnest when everyone is back in town.