Sharing a Passion

In his blog post, why I became a blogger, a blogger who calls himself Smart Boy talks about why he blogs, and puts it down to passion.

You don't have to wonder to much about passion when you see a blog called Frantic Naturalist. I will admit that early on I did just like the ring of it, and thought it would be unique. But it does represent a passion that I have for nature.

I am interested in how people perceive nature. As a ranger (the name for guides at &beyond) one of the big issues was trying to 'get into the head of your guest.' There were nice catchy slogons for doing it and it was such a big part of how they feel about guiding. If your guest is a keen should find that out early. Likes, or whatever.

But one of the big thing for me was trying to understand how they enjoyed nature. For me the passion has always been to try to understand deeper. Why do the animals do what they do. Plants, weather, geology, stars, and so on.

For others, it's a shear admiration of nature in itself. It's an aesthetic measure. Take them to the dunes and they are simply blown away by the scene. Or a wildlife sighting.

Each person precieves nature in their own way. We each have our reasons for the passion we feel. Certainly a big part of blogging about nature is to react to that passion we feel for nature, and the desire to share it.
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