Just a few random pictures

No theme, just a few pictures I took on my recent tour with C4Images.

A Devil's Thorn flower.  Beautiful, but horrid seeds.
It's a donkey, okay.  I know this blog is called Frantic Naturalist and perhaps donkeys don't belong.  But hey, it's my blog and what else am I going to do with a picture of a donkey?    :~)
The Nara fruit is a life giver to the Namib in the late dry season.  Just when everything else is totally dry, this plant produces large numbers of these big fruit.  This one is old and just the dry skin, lying in the red dunes near Sossusvlei.
A hyrax at Erong Wilderness Lodge.  Have you ever stayed somewhere where you get Rock Hyrax, or even worse, Tree Hyrax.  There calls are like a screem.  Late at night in your tent out in the bush it can be a really scarry sound - compliments fire side horror story telling!  One of the favorite guide things is to tell you that they are not a rodent, but rather close relatives of elephants.  Recent research supports this idea, and you can have a look here if you are interested in the taxonomy of this strange group of mammals.
A slab of sandstone at Twyfellfontein with rock art on it.  It's an interesting place to visit, and best viewed in the late afternoon.  This was taken at midday.  Not the best time, but still interesting.
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