100 posts

I have passed 100 posts on Frantic Naturalist. Just want to say thanks to all the people who have visited the blog regularly. It's been fun.

I will soon be launching my new website/blog at Sandcurves (www.sandcurves.com) I am still busy with the blog code, so it will still take a few days. I am mainly working with php and using mysql for the database, with a bit of Ajax thrown in. It's fun. I am still learning about a few small things like rss. I am certainly trying to do as much of the coding myself as I can. One of the main reasons is because I hope to be doing a lot of the work on the safari wise website, which is based on php.

Next week we will be in Windhoek for a few days to scout around for a house and schools before we move up there in July. For more info, follow me on Twitter
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Gabor said...

Thanks for your blog. I am hoping to come to Namibia in April 09 and I am finding your blog to be a great place for information. The only other blog I found was one for trophy-hunting tours. What a disgusting business.
They will certainly NOT be on my itinerary!.

Thanks again!

Vernon said...

Thanks for your comment. I just got back from a wonderful trip with photographers and will post about it within the next day or so.