The week ahead - Pluto and Etosha

Tomorrow I am leaving for Windhoek to travel up to Etosha with some astronomers.  There main purpose is to record a particular even with Pluto (the almost planet) and we will be spending a few days outside Etosha's eastern side, and spending the evening trying to view this little icy planet.  I will be going up with my Land Rover, which is fun, and carting along a large 14 inch telescope.

Over the last few weeks I have been more of an 'at home' dad than a 'frantic naturalist' with the day tours really starting off slowly, so I am really happy for the chance to do a trip like this.  Once I have the feel of how it all goes, I hope that I get the chance to do more interesting things like this trip.  And what makes it all possible...this blog.  The astronomers that I am taking got hold of me through this blog!

I am really excited and hope to do some birding up in Etosha while I am there (and of course we will do some game drives.) Anyone who followed this blog last year will know that I saw 14 leopards last year - a serious record for me. But this year so So I am hopping for just one little leopard while I am there.

That's the plan. If anything interesting happens, I will probably give updates on Twitter while I am away. Otherwise I will tell you all about it in a blog post when I am back.
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