New Life Bird

Today we decided to take a drive north of Swakopmund, past the town of Henties Bay and past Cape Cross. It's an interesting area mainly because it is so remote. The beach stretches for miles with very few people around.

We drove out to the beach and just had a look around. We were north Cape Cross where the huge Fur Seal colony is and there were hundreds of dead seal bodies along the beach. We really didn't know why? Is it just normal, or has the recent warm water or overfishing or something like that had an impact? Not sure.

But we did see a number of Kelp Gulls, a very normal bird along this coast. But as we drove along we saw another bird sitting on the coast. It was a little smaller than the Kelp Gulls. As we got close we had a good look and identified it as a Parasitic Jaeger Stercorarius parasiticus. It's not a very unusual bird, but it was new for me. These days each new bird is celebrated, so it's a good day for me!
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