Namib Sand Sea as a world heritage site

I have just been looking at the Namibian sites that were submitted to UNESCO to be proclaimed world heritage sites. One of the sites included is the Namib Sand Sea.

Sossusvlei, where I have been taking tourists for over a decade now,is in the heart of this sand sea. It's conservation status is of real importance to me, and to Namibia. It may not be under to much threat, but there is the very real threat of more and more mining areas in or nearby the dunes. Mining is perhaps fine, and an important income generator for the country, but they do need to be controlled in order to minimize their impact on the environment.

So, I would be really happy to see the Namib Sand Sea become a world heritage site. The trouble is that this recommendation was submitted in 2002. So it doesn't look good for it to become a world heritage site.
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Namib Naturalist said...

Just to add a note for birders: Namibia's only totally endemic bird species is only found in this dune field: Dune Lark Certhilauda erythrochlamys

Misty Rain said...

Wow. The World Heritage Stuff is facinating! Love the interactive map on the UNESCO site too!