Lesser Flamingo Update

One of the great pleasures of birding here in Swakopmund is the presence of Flamingos. We see both the Lesser and the Greater, but to me, the more threatened Lesser Flamingos, with their dark beaks and smaller size, are the most attractive. In full pink plumage, a group of Lesser Flamingos makes one of the memorable sights of Africa.

In the most recent Africa Birds & Birding magazine, there is an article about the breeding of Lesser Flamingos Phoenicopterus minor on Kamfers Dam. Many now know about the artificial island that was purpose built for the breeding of the flamingos.

Currently the flamingos on Kamfers Dam face the threat of pollution and additional development in the area, which may destroy this very useful additional breeding area for these threatened Flamingos.

If you are interested in the story, you can read about it in the latest Africa Birds & Birding magazine (February/March 2009 edition, page 15) or go and visit the save the flamingo website here.
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