Funny Little Egret

We have had a bird hanging around the Mile 4 Salt works area (north of Swakopmund) which has had us scratching our heads. It was first picked out as being strange by the friend I regularly bird with. He is a local hot-shot and has picked out many of the local rare birds. I tried to get some shots, but with my 300mm lens and a non-cooperative bird, it didn't work to well.

Some other birders visiting the area managed to get better images, and have said that the bird is simply a young Little Egret. It does show a variety of strange things. The dark color in the feathers is unusual in this area. It also has a bluish tinge to the legs. And the area in front of the eye is more yellow than on the regular birds.

I had the pics anyway, and so, since others have managed to get better images, thought I would share them on the blog.

Strange Little Egret standing

Strange Little Egret ruffles feathers

Strange Little Egret walks

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