I just want to quickly put down my plans for the year.

I have been offered some tours by various companies and will take some of them. I will mainly do tours for Safari Wise. The great thing about Safari Wise is that they focus on nature oriented tours and mainly birding trips. It's a great way for me to get into the birding scene, and also means that by the time I run my own birding tours I will have a really great base to work form.

It means that to a certain extent I will put Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris on hold. I do want to start doing some day tours, perhaps later in the year (I have recently bought a Land Rover to do my day trips and will be working on registration of the vehicle under frantic naturalist in January.)

I am also really exited to start doing other things that I wanted to get involved with. In February I will be going to Wolwedans to train their guides. I love training guides. I am working on a manual for them at the moment. It's a really fun project. I love the creative part of it all.

I am also hoping to write an article about Sossusvlei for a magazine. Not to sure how that will work out, but it will be fun.

When back in Swakopmund I will be birding and blogging and enjoying my kids.

So that's the simple plan for the year. If any of you were thinking of traveling with frantic naturalist this year, the best I can offer is to contact Safari Wise and arrange a tour and ask for me as a guide.

I will be fundamentally changing my approach with Frantic Naturalist, and really focus on mainly doing birding and photographic tours when we get going in 2010. I will also make the tours much cheaper than I start out doing. My background is in really upmarket tourism, and it is a whole new education to put together tours that are more affordable. It increases the options for what we can do dramatically. So expect a very different website later on this year. This year I will be taking lots of images and that will, of course, mean a change to how I do the website.

Have a great 2009!
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