Back from tour

Hi all,

I am back from my most recent Safari (freelance tour for Safari Wise.)

Rough overview of the trip:

I took over the tour on the west of the Caprivi and headed into Botswana to Drotsky's Cabins - have a look here to get an idea of what it is about. From there, back into Namibia through Rundu, and then down to Etosha. From there, Omaruru and on to the coast, then off to Sossusvlei area and ending in Windhoek.

Some highlights:

I got one nice new bird - White-backed Night Heron. I have spent some time looking for the bird before, and it was nice to get a good view of it.

Another leopard in Etosha - my 14th for the year. Any guide in Namibia would be thrilled to bits at having seen 14 leopards in a year. The fact that I saw 12 of them in the desert makes it extra special. 15 would have been nice, but I don't think that it is going to happen.

I took some photos for the website for Solitaire Guest Farm
. It is being done by

The main thing, though, was that this was my beginning in birding tours
. Although I have taken many people birding over the years, I have never actually done a birding tour. I have a lot to brush up on, but it was a good experience. Over the next few quiet months, I plan to really study hard for my birding. Next year I plan to do a lot of tours freelance for Safari Wise, and hope to be doing a lot of day trips for myself.
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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a FANTASTIC tour. I can imagine the beautiful birds you are going to see. Whrt vibrant photos you will have!!! You are doing something others only dream of.



K. Fields said...

I would be thrilled to see a leopard just once. Even when I went to a zoo, the Leopard was hidden in the trees.

Can't wait to see more of your photos, by the way the gallery photos are awesome too.

Gosh haven't visited in a while, but am glad I did today, there is so much to catch up on, but it is really fabulous reading time.