Recent freelance namibia tour

I have just come back from my latest tour. It was my first accommodated tour as a freelance guide. I was very happy to do an accommodated tour as I don't really plan to do camping trips with Frantic Naturalist.

The tour was very different from normal trips as we first went to a farm. The guests I had were a really amazing family. The family had once owned a farm in Namibia, and so the whole reason for the trip was to visit the farm for it's hundred year celebration.

On the farm we ate a lot of meat...a Namibian pastime. I'm not such a big meat eater, but it was actually interesting for me to get to see real Namibian farm life.

We returned to Windhoek from the farm. Then we headed north to Aloe Grove Safari Lodge in the Ojiwarongo region. Nice setting. I didn't enjoy the area, as they had cats (lion, leopard and cheetah) orphans in holding pens. They do a game drive to, but it feels very farm like.

Then we headed up north to Ndhovu Safari Lodge in the Caprivi. This lodge is very close to Mahangu Game Reserve where they do game drives. I love the area. The Caprivi is so different from the rest of Namibia, with large rivers (Ndhovu is on the Kavango river which becomes the Okavango later,) and more birds.

I found the lodge nice for a cheaper place. Great view over the river and some good birds in the area (I will post birds separately.) I did find that the owner, manager didn't really know his stuff to well with birds or with wildlife in general.

Then we headed to Botswana where I left the guests in Kasani before returning home. I had hoped to try for Souzas Shrike on my return, but I couldn't find it. I will have another go some time!
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