New Namibia Tour, so far

I am on tour at the moment and just passing through Swakopmund. The tour that I am doing took us through Namib Naukluft lodge for two nights, and now in Swakopmund for two nights. From here we will be going up north through the Palmwag area, Opuwo, Hobatere and to Halali before returning to Windhoek.

We have seen some interesting things so far on this tour. At Elim dune (near Sesriem) we saw two Secretary Birds. We went down to Sossusvlei and on our return, just after sunset, we managed to find a Black Spitting Cobra. These snakes are usually really hard to find, so it was a real treat. We got a good view of it on the road.

In Walvis Bay for lunch we spent some time at the lagoon. We didn't see anything special, but it is clear that the migrant waders are starting to trickle in. There are also more flamingos around.
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