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Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris is about creating tours that emphasis nature and emphasis the experience.

I mainly want to offer tailor made tours, but wanted to put up some itineraries, both for those who don't have time to put together tours and for those who want something as a starting point to work from to design their own Namibian Tour with us.

Our tours:
  • are done as private trips (your group books the whole tour, we take a maximum of four people).
  • Aim at being a bit slower, emphasizing spending more time at great locations.
  • Emphasis experiencing Nature fully. We have archeological interest trips (Cave Decor,) but I believe that even on those tours we are getting out and walking, and experiencing nature.
  • We use the top lodges in each location, but with us experience is key, and so where we need to, we will use other places to 'get you there.' Because of using the best lodges, booking early is advisable.
  • We avoid using hotels in towns, rather focusing on using special guesthouses or other well chosen places. Our tours are not about towns, you could easily add on town trips if you wanted. Ask us to book it for you with other operators if you like.
  • 'Frantic' in the sense of lets get out and experience more. It's a real money's worth type of nature experience with us. Were all into very full days and not wasting time to get out and experience everything!
  • Relaxed in the sense that we take our time to enjoy, take in, understand. We do it at the pace you enjoy. You like to get out all the time - were into that. Do you like to have some holiday in it and relax a bit in the lodges, well that's the beauty of private tours.
  • 'Our' tours are done 'my' way. We are small enough for me (Vernon, the owner) to do many of our tours. When I am not doing the tours, we use a select group of tour guides we know and trust to produce the experience we want you to have.

I have spent considerable time over the last few weeks, and especially the last few day putting my tours together. I've had this ongoing discussion with myself and my good friends in the industry about making special Namibian tours for ten years now - basically since I started guiding. With a lot of brainstorming chatting to and phoning friends, chatting to family and reading peoples blogs about their Namibia experiences, I have finally put my tours up on my website. I think they are great. If you don't book right away, at least let me know what you think.

Have a look through out tours. Enjoy.

An introduction to our itinerary for Frantic Naturalist Tour and Safari

A Slice of the Best
  • Twelve night Private Namibian Tour
  • See what I believe to be the best of Namibia.
  • Visit Etosha (Namibia's highest profile National Park,) Twyfelfontein (world heritage, rock art site,) a large chunk of the Namib (an amazing desert with varied landscapes and intriguing desert life,) Swakopmund (small desert town near the coast,) and end by spending three wonderful nights near Sossusvlei, the dune extravaganza of Namibia!
  • Why should you do this tour - It's amazing, trust me. You can't go wrong doing this tour, it really hits the best spots, spending the right amount of time at each location.
  • Who will enjoy it. Well, it's really a generalist tour. Photographers will really love the pace and the places we spend most time at. Naturalists will love it, because they are traveling with us and traveling in Namibia. We will touch on so much; birds, plants, desert ecology, astronomy, geology, dramatic natural settings...

A Slice of the Best - view the full itinerary

Death by Dunes

  • Seven night desert and dunes experience.
  • Get a full experience of the dunes and the dramatic desert surroundings of the dune field.
  • See different areas of the dune field.
  • Experience the dunes for their beauty, their ecology, and their challenge (as in walking.)
  • Visit Swakopmund and surroundings and Sossusvlei area.
  • Why should you do this tour: Namibia has really beautiful dunes. The dunes are set in dramatic area, that are so different from each other. There is interesting life in the dunes - a whole story behind who lives in the dunes, how and why. You will never forget the experience, I am sure.
  • Who should do this tour: You need to be fit and enjoy walking. You need to be interested in experiencing the finer aspects of nature. It's a 'big focus, small focus' type of experience, we look at small beetles and fishmoths and sand grains, and then we look at big mountains, huge dunes, big skies, dramatic landscapes. If this is your scene, if your into hiking, climbing, looking at natural landscapes for their beauty type of person, then this tour is indulgent.
Death by dunes - view the full itinerary

Cave Décor

  • A ten day tour visiting some of Namibia's rock art sites and everything in between.
  • The tour focuses on visiting rock art sites on the edge of the Namib
  • So much more than an archeology expedition, enjoy the Namib for it's life and landscapes as well as appreciating the challenges for people to have lived here in a pre-industrial setting.
  • Visit Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg (and the White Lady painting,) Twyfelfontein, and the Erongo mountains.
  • Why should you do this tour: It takes in so much of the dramatic areas of Namibia, I personally have a deep interest in people who lived on the margins of the Namib and the challenges they faces, so there is really good insight into what we experience.
  • Who should do this tour: You need to be a little bit fit. Some sites involve some scrambling up rocky areas. You need a modest interest in the subject. You certainly don't need to know a lot. I am certainly not presenting an academic view of the subject, but have done some reading and have a good understanding of current theories about bushmen rock art.
  • Just a note: the bushmen generally used shelters rather than caves, and rock art is certainly not used as a decoration of their sites, though many paintings are beautiful - the name, of course, is just for fun.

Cave Décor - view full itinerary

Etosha Intensive

  • An eleven day deep experience of Etosha National Park.
  • This is an experience of wildlife that goes beyond the norm. Get insight into how nature ticks. We see and experience so much.
  • We visit the whole of Etosha, starting on the east, and working our way west. We go to Hobatere on the far west of the park for a completely different area. We visit Okonjima and the Africat Foundation on our return trip to Windhoek
  • Why should you do this tour: See so much. Great for birding, great for photography.
  • Who should do this tour: Can't get enough Safari? Have you done some of the other great wildlife national parks in Africa? Do you like the experience of driving through wildlife areas just wondering what you might see next? That feeling of constant anticipation. Do you like spending a little longer at the waterholes just in case something really special shows up. This tour we have the time to really do it properly.

Etosha Intensive - view full itinerary

Thank you for taking the time to read through my tour itineraries. If you would like to book, you can email me, or visit my website for more information.
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