New Giraffe on NamibRand Nature Reserve

Just to let you know that we had news of a new giraffe baby on NamibRand recently. Yesterday I went up to the area where they stay, and managed to see the baby.

Giraffe are thought to have occurred in small pockets all along the eastern margin of the Namib desert. The eastern margin of the Namib is made up of hills and escarpments, and these areas have regions of drainage, where some trees in the runoff systems create small woodland regions.

NamibRand Nature Reserve (NamibRand's Website) is situated south of Sesriem. It is a large nature reserve, and the reserve started to bring in giraffe already in 2003. In 2006 we had our first two babies, bringing the numbers then to 5. Now three additional giraffe were added (see earlier posts,) and now this new baby.

It is amazing to drive in a landscape more known for it's huge dunes, and still find areas where giraffe are at home, and breeding well. It is part of the mystery and magic of Namibia and the Namib.
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