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It is now only 39 days until we leave Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge in the NamibRand Nature Reserve, and move to Swakopmund. Our two boys are the main reason for the move, but the move also means a career change - i.e. starting Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris CC.

The move away from Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge is a very serious one for us. Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge has been not only our job, but our home and family for the last four and a half years. Before that we were in Windhoek for a year, where I was the operations manager for a year. The two years before that was also at Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge. Before that I did three years guiding on the road, as well as later assisting with some management duties.

This is the first move away from the safety of a big company and we hope to create a tour company that really does cater for those who share our passion for nature.

The last bit of time at Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge is focused on pushing up the standard of the ranger (or guiding team) here, and really focusing on exploring and enjoying the desert while I still have it here. In some ways I am having the most fun I ever have at the lodge, because I am doing very little in the way of management, and just enjoying my favorite job at the lodge - showing off the wonders of the desert to our guests!!!
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