Slow Travel - great idea

My previous post was a link to an article on Slow travel. The idea being that there is a growing interest in taking in the areas that you travel, doing less 'traveling' on your travels, and generally having a more intimate experience. This is the very essence of what we want to offer with frantic naturalist. If you are interested then have a look at our statement on our website.

Our statement on our website
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Kim said...

You may also want to take a look at the site that originally coined and trademarked the concept of Slow Travel, which really, has more to do with spending at least a week in one destination, using vacation rentals, than relying on public transportation. Yes, by basing yourself in one location, you do cut down on travel (and therefore carbon emmissions) but we refer to the cutting down the use of flying more as green travel, than really slow. And we've been around for about eight years, advocating our philosophy.